Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Streetcar to the Pearl

I just really loved this exterior wall of a building we passed on our way to lunch. Here Arne is trying to figure out how to get a ticket out of the machine while we are on the streetcar to the Pearl District. It took dollar bills! You could get an "all day " pass and there are "free zone" areas that don't cost anything to ride in.
A beautiful arbor -looking thing we saw in our travels. Waiting for the next streetcar back to town. The weather was so great. This area seemed so clean and quiet! Of course it was on a Sunday. So that could be why it was so quiet.
The lamp posts added a quaint touch to the neighborhood.


Jessica said...

I looked at all the pictures, this town is so quaint and looks SO clean, so serene...it's hard to find that kind of place anymore! HAVE FUN!

Beatriz said...

So nice and picturesque.