Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Scarf and Wedding

It's been a warm, dare I say HOT summer in Seattle. Time to lighten up a bit and knit with something besides my usual standby of wool. Trying out some hemp and hemp/blend from the newest yarn shop around, Mad Cow Yarn! I bought two colors, and when I ran out of the grey I moved on to the pewter/brown. This pattern is from Ravelry and is called Summer Scarf. This is the closest I get to lace knitting, folks.
What I like about this pattern is it purposely calls for larger needles to give a more open fabric. Hooray! So instead of using 3.5 mm needles, I am using more like a  size 4.75 or a size 7 needle.

Instead of knitting this in two pieces and seaming it in the middle, as called for, and you know I never do exactly as a pattern calls for... I just continued on with the second color when I ran out of the first. I will figure out how to join the ends when I am through. No worries, it's just yarn!

I am thinking it might end up being a lacy cowl instead of a scarf. It is pretty broad so that is what I am imagining it becoming. And that is what it is. I seamed the ends together and voila! A cowl! I like the two-tonedness to it and how I can wear it many ways.

A lovely way to spend the camping weekend by the river...recuperating after my daughter's wedding. Okay... okay, you asked for it! Some wedding photos here :):

I like this one of all four of us as our bride leans against her daddy resting after dancing, and I am looking on rather misty-eyed with my oldest married daughter to my side holding her sister's's so good to have photographers in my family-These ones caught by my brother's candid camera. Still awaiting the formal photos being processed. In the meantime...

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Williams, the happy couple doing what they do best-their swing dancing-while we happily blow bubbles!