Sunday, January 22, 2012

Turning Over a New Leaflet

My matching leaflet necklace was made for me by my daughter :) My shirt is a bit scrunched up on the neck below, but take a look at this beautiful triple leaflet pattern! I can see that I have room to snug it up closer to my body and pull it in tighter across my front. It is very comfortable and just the right weight for wearing a layer underneath. I was able to eke it out in one skein. Barely! Final mods: Added two stitches extra at the underarm (as I mentioned below) than called for in my size in order that the K2P2 rib would come out even on the sleeves. I also ended the front and neck ribbing two rows prior to the pattern directions, since I was about to run out of yarn and wanted to make it with one skein. Whew! I had maybe 4 inches left and that was it. Talk about cutting it close.

Leaflet Sweater is coming along rather nicely, rather swiftly in the chunky yarn. Progress shown here. Knit down the back putting sleeve stitches on hold, and when reached the end of the 3rd leaflet, I knit on the lower ribbing. Then using dpn's for the sleeves, knit them downward in the round.  Only mod is I added 2 more underarm stitches so my P2K2 rib would come out even. Getting ready to pick up stitches all around the front side and neck and then it will get blocked nice and smoothly!

This is the back side. The cute leaflet pattern is a fun detail that runs all the way down the mid back.

As the snow melts, I can see the green appear once again out from under the white. All the mess and debris from the wind is strewn all around. Ready for something new now. Ready for a routine and to get back to daily life, but it was good to be still for awhile and have non stop knitting days.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Changing Seasons

If you were paying attention, one beautiful winters night in Seattle, you would've seen this amazing sunset right in your own backyard. You would've stood in awe as it changed and morphed into something spectacular. We called it "Jenny's sunset", in honor of my cousin who had surgery and was in our prayers at the time.

And if you blinked, you entered into a new season of magical snowfall, that closed down our city for nearly a week ... first with its heavy snowfall and subsequent ice storm, then followed by the threat of flooding. I think it is all mom's fault because she made this Christmas card....What do you think?

 What's a Seattle knitter to do with all this snow and days home from school, which for me is work? Well that is obvious, don't you think? However, I never guessed we would be without power in 29 degree (below) weather and I'd be knitting with an REI headlamp on my head. So thankful for our gas fireplace! A sneak peak at the next sweater project. I am dreaming of spring...spring green and leaves.
Leaflet, on size 10 needles and using Eco Wool once again. It's inexpensive, it's chunky and it's wool. And it is helping keep me from going stir crazy being cooped up inside the house.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snowy Chocolate Owls Sweater

Given my recent liking for owls, this sweater seemed like the obvious next project to do, along with hundreds of other Ravelry folks who have gone before me...Mine is in Ecological Wool, two skeins of a very dark brown, on size 10 needles. I'm doing the body on circulars from the bottom up, as directed in the pattern. The sleeves are knit separately and I'm doing those on size 10 dpn's. They will be attached to sweater body and the yoke will be knit upward. The fun part is coming...knitting the cute owls! This is going to be a really cute sweater!
Owls, by Kate Davies:

Snow days can be very, very productive, indeed!!