Friday, June 26, 2009

Poppy Sleeve Success

After one botched attempt at the sleeve cap, I ended up "cutting off" the top of the sleeve, unraveling down to the point that was below the decreases, to begin picking up the live stitches again and knitting upward once more. This time, I was able to knit back and forth for the sleeve cap decreasing and shaping-something I didn't do the first time- and was finally successful in completing the first sleeve. Shown here tucked in at the sleeve opening. I have begun the second sleeve, which I am trying to match striping on as I go. Many late nights later...This is shaping up to being a real "eye catching" sweater. People have stopped me at my knit night, complete strangers, to come and look at it. There will be finishing ad nauseum (ew!) due to all the striping and ends to work in, but not much seaming now since I worked the sleeves in the round. I will have to do seams for set-in sleeves. And a crochet edging I will have to learn how to do around neckline and bottom.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day! To Rome with Love...

To my guy, the greatest dad of our two daughters ever! Happy Father's Day!
A fun day spent with fathers in the family eating salmon and tri tip....Hope yours was a nice one too!
Tonight we "skype" and chat with daughter in Rome! She has been there one week now and is seeing amazing sights! She is keeping a blog of her own to update us on her travels.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poppy Sleeve

On to the sleeves and changing striping along the way...then will make the other to match...sort of weird pic...but you get the idea. Trying to get kid packed for flight to Rome so not doing alot of knitting! End of school year "crazies." Got slimed by melted Otter Pops today at school and had to drive home to change...cut my pinkie with a knife cutting watermelon this eve. Not my day!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Last Shower!

And now...we've reached the end of the showerfest! Shower #4! Woo hoo! Given by Grandma Joyce and Aunt Wendy. With just a little help from me. Our new name: Showers 'R Us! ha ha! I don't think we really are ready to go into business anytime soon. It was fun while it lasted! We finally got a good shot of us smiling "naturally". See Grandma's watercolor quilt in the background? Yes, she is a quilter!
Such a pretty arrangement awaited us on the porch upon our arrival.

And lovely fake lillies hung from the ceiling above the table. So cute!

Grandma found this great cake topper at Joann's. Ha!

The bride-to-be was showered with many kitcheny items and will have much fun using the recipes those in the family wrote out for her. One cousin made a little notebook of her favorite recipes as her gift. One cousin is a Pampered Chef consultant, and hey, that was a bonus! A fun time for all. And my niece got to be there to do the ribbon bouquet honors!