Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Still Eating

Here we are still eating away....I would have to say that I am doing more eating than knitting, and it's got to be because of the fruit thing and the summer thing going on. This is my absolute favorite appetizer in the world. Fresh mozarella on Vinta crackers with ripe tomato and fresh basil. Got the live plant at Trader Joes and it is great weather for keeping it alive. Sometimes I bring it in out of the sun to let it have a break. Nothing like fresh basil!

The nectarines get ripe quickly in the heat and must be made into Peach (I use nectarines) Pie of course! No need to peel the nectarines. This is a great recipe my sis- in -law gave me and incorporates a little sour cream in the buttery crust and also in the topping you pour over the peaches (nectarines). It is baked covered most of the time, then uncovered to get finished off. A family favorite. I'm sure you could use other fruit in the recipe as well.
On the grill we tried halving the nectarines, brushing with oil and grilling a few minutes each side. I made a raspberry sauce with fresh raspberries and some of my raspberry jam to pour over. Delish!

We had never tried using our cedar planks on the grill so this was our first attempt at doing salmon. You soak the planks first. Another recipe says to oil the plank first. It turned out really nice. The wood burns this way though so I would use a new plank each time if done this same way.


Beatriz said...

Hopefully next week we can get some cedar planks and try salmon on our grill. That is such a great idea. You're cooking up a storm. It all looks so nice.

Jessica said...

WOW< this looks like the Cooking Channel, everything is so perfect and delicious-looking! You read my mind on the appetizers, I love fresh basil too. Brad's aunt makes a great fresh pesto chicken, and it's so simple!