Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Raspberry Jam and Back to Knitting

This is called a .5 (1/2 flat) of raspberries. They are pricey, so this is all I got.
Enough to make one batch with a few little 1/2 pints leftover for throwing fresh over cereal or salad or ice cream.The freezer's getting full of jam. I will watch out for blackberries to come into season though.

Now back to knitting....I am working on my first sleeve still so nothing too new to show. But for those who were having trouble visualizing a sleeve, I have layed it over my arm -of course it isn't seamed yet. That happens way later.It's hot weather here again this week. But I'll try to keep workin' on my sleeves!

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Jessica said...

That's so funny...I was just telling my mom how we have so many blackberry bushes up here on the sides of the road, we just stopped at one the other day and ate a handful of blackberries. We also discovered a HUGE bush in our very own backyard! I love eating them, except the little seeds are a nuisance. also I just discovered that there are tiny little bugs on each blackberry, so now I can't eat them without washing them! hahah