Sunday, September 26, 2010

Slinky Ribs Sweater in Bend

Yum, lookie! I got some yarn for my Birthday in this lovely brown-with- flecks color. I had heard this Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool yarn is lovely to knit with and I am finding that to be so true. I happened to have the pattern book with a sweater that called for this yarn in it. Which was a great relief as I was pressed for time packing, so I took it all with me on our weekend to Bend, OR. Wound a few skeins in the car and studied my pattern on the way down, and did a swatch. I hate swatching, but I did it anyway. A few pretty shots of Bend, OR at Drake Park and of the Deschutes River.

We had great hot weather, a nice change of pace from the Seattle fall rains. I am at the Old Mill District here having a nice organic iced tea.

Me and the hubby here...married now 27 wonderful years. Enjoying a nice flatbread appetizer and some shade.

One cool morning, in downtown Bend, they were setting up for a Weiner Dog Race and we were walking around town quickly to get out before the crowds arrived. I got a latte at my favorite spot, Thump Coffee. Down the street we stumbled upon some real yarn graffiti!

It had some pretty nice pieces on it too. Some good colorwork. Some unidentifiable objects as well.

Not every day you run across yarn grafitti...It was fun to know there are knitters in Bend. I actually knew that from my last trip down there. Still comforting to see their handiwork on display.

Back at the hotel, we were the only "out of town" patrons who felt the sun was indeed warm enough to sit by the pool. How appropriate that we donned our sunscreen and did so.

How appropriate also, that my newest pattern is photographed in the book with a "pool boy" shown behind her. I did not have a "pool boy" on this trip, just my handome hub! However I did begin knitting this pattern by the poolside.

It was lovely to be in 80's weather ....after being in rainy Seattle.

My pattern comes from this book, which I happened to already own: Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard. I am doing the Slinky Ribs Sweater.

My color is #67 and is a darker brown. Here is one photo from the book.

And here's another photo from the book. I plan to raise the neckline up and make long sleeves on mine. This is a seamless sweater that is begun with a provisional cast on at the top of the back, then it is knit downward. Later on, taking back up the provisional cast on stitches and knitting down the front. This eliminates any seam at the top of the shoulder. Only problem was I didn't have any contrasting yarn with which to do the provisional cast on. Note to self: Listen when they say use a contrasting yarn for provisional cast on. They mean it for a good reason! I should've heeded the advice. And I am not having a wonderful time when it comes to picking out the "waste" yarn. I just couldn't bring myself to drive into town on such a hot day to find some cheap skein of contrasting yarn. I am very sorry indeed! The sleeves are knit in the round. I am using size 6 needles and trying for the size medium, 36 1/2 bust, as I have heard this yarn can "grow" with blocking.

All in all, I am excited to have gotten the yarn that was recommended, and to discover I already had the pattern in my book!

So far it is a dream to knit with this yarn and it seems like it will be comfortable to wear this blend of wool/silk/nylon. Lots and lots of ribbing was done on the long drive home.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Second Best Friend

Just in time for the chill in the air that means fall is here...I can almost taste a pumpkin spice latte, can't you?

Edited to add a few photos of the finished Best Friend Cardigan. Pattern by: Wenlan Chia
Size 19 needles. 3 skeins Thick and Chunky Wool Ease in "Spice". This one's very warm and soft. The large actually ended up fitting me. Still haven't blocked it, but that's typical of me! I can never wait to wear things when I finish them. Arm seams a bit bulky. All in all, it came out cute!

What's better than a Best Friend? A Second Best Friend! OK, so the lilac was a trial run, remember? Besides, I am waiting for buttons and can't wear that one yet. I am a fickle friend and am already on to the next chunky bulky one. This one is the real deal weight called for in the pattern. Using big needles, size 19. Talk about fast knitting. This thing could knit itself in a day. I am not even kidding! FAST!

It's sort of a spicy pumpkiny fall color. Whadya know? It's called "Spice". I got 4 skeins of Thick and Quick Wool Ease. A blend of lamb's wool and (gasp!) acrylic. I know, I know. I have used the blends in the last two boleros which didn't turn out half bad. There is not alot of stretch to acrylic, but it was bulky and so there you have it.

It crunches up rather smallish right now and I hope it is going to S-T-R-E-T-C-H on me with those big stitches when I put it on! Or when I block it. I did not do the bobbles. Didn't want to. I did not do buttonholes. Others said they were not needed due to the big stitches. I did not do the waist decreases as others recommended not to. I added a few rows of the ribbing on the waist. Other than all that, I don't think I modified anything. I know, amazing the "Mod Squad" did not do too many more "mods" this time. I made the large. It doesn't look very large yet.