Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Scarf and Wedding

It's been a warm, dare I say HOT summer in Seattle. Time to lighten up a bit and knit with something besides my usual standby of wool. Trying out some hemp and hemp/blend from the newest yarn shop around, Mad Cow Yarn! I bought two colors, and when I ran out of the grey I moved on to the pewter/brown. This pattern is from Ravelry and is called Summer Scarf. This is the closest I get to lace knitting, folks.
What I like about this pattern is it purposely calls for larger needles to give a more open fabric. Hooray! So instead of using 3.5 mm needles, I am using more like a  size 4.75 or a size 7 needle.

Instead of knitting this in two pieces and seaming it in the middle, as called for, and you know I never do exactly as a pattern calls for... I just continued on with the second color when I ran out of the first. I will figure out how to join the ends when I am through. No worries, it's just yarn!

I am thinking it might end up being a lacy cowl instead of a scarf. It is pretty broad so that is what I am imagining it becoming. And that is what it is. I seamed the ends together and voila! A cowl! I like the two-tonedness to it and how I can wear it many ways.

A lovely way to spend the camping weekend by the river...recuperating after my daughter's wedding. Okay... okay, you asked for it! Some wedding photos here :):

I like this one of all four of us as our bride leans against her daddy resting after dancing, and I am looking on rather misty-eyed with my oldest married daughter to my side holding her sister's's so good to have photographers in my family-These ones caught by my brother's candid camera. Still awaiting the formal photos being processed. In the meantime...

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Williams, the happy couple doing what they do best-their swing dancing-while we happily blow bubbles!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Grandma Stash

Everyone needs a Grandma stash. You know for your own future grandkids. You give away so many things to other people and rarely keep anything for your own. I am changing that right now! A few items for the Grandma stash. I am saving back some things for "one day". I think these turned out cute. I used some easy care yarn for this one. And a free pattern on Ravelry: Caiden's Skirt.
Check it out. Super easy, super cute. One I made with a simple crochet chain tie, the other an easy I-cord tie.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Sidecar Jacket

This Sidecar Jacket is one I have wanted to do for a long while now.
Kind of a cute cropped one. I love the color I chose....
 However I did not love the weight of this yarn or the ply...too soft for this large-needled heavy sweater. I would choose a heavier gauge yarn if I did it again. Overall, it was fun to construct, with the cabled waistline first, then picking up stitches upward for the body. However, the picked up stitches are quite visible in this.

I used some extra snaps to try to hold the front flap down and tried to tack the collar down also...
Overall, cute pattern, poor choice of yarn on my part.
You may find it here on Ravelry: Sidecar Jacket

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wintery Garter Stitch Baby Coat

A cute little free pattern off of Ravelry. This one is  called Lino's Coat by Lili Comme Tout, modeled by Matilda Bear.
A garter stitch baby jacket done in Cascade Sierra in a Moss green which looks bluer here.

I looked up a U Tube on how to do a pom pom and took a few tries, but I made one for the hood. Shown here before blocking, of course!  One of my sleeves came out larger than the other, though I did try to mirror exactly the first sleeve. This resulted in a larger seam on one sleeve. Otherwise there are no seams except for the ones under the sleeves, and one on the hood. The hood is picked up from the neckline and then I did do a seam down the center of the hood, though instructions say you could do a 3 needle bind off to close up the hood as well.

This will look cute on a future grandchild one day. Into the stash it goes!