Friday, March 26, 2010

Never Fear the Wraps-Front Side Helleborus

A glimpse so far of progress on Helleborus Yoke Sweater. This sweater has side to side construction beginning with the right front side. You are knitting the body and the yoke simultaneously and working your way to the underarm. You are following a cable pattern for the yoke, as well as doing a moss stitch for the body, all the while watching your row count for your increases, and then throwing in a few wraps and short rows to make it really exciting. It helps to write it all down! This is the first time I have done "wraps" and short rows for shaping. I have watched a few tutorials and have found them to be helpful in visualizing wraps and what their purpose is, as well as how to do them. I am still catching on to the technique as well as how to do the knitting on the rows following the wraps in order to close up the "hole" that wraps make. I looked at as well as Techknitter (see links to right) as well as googled "knitting wrapped stitches" to find more tutorials. Every project it seems I learn a new skill or technique. Isn't that the great thing about knitting? We can be a fearless knitters!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tweedy Alpaca Has Arrived!

A package arrived in the mail today. Could it be? Yes it was! My first 8 skeins of Tweedy Alpaca. Oh, Happy Day! So now I can make this... out of this!...
Let the casting on begin! (Helleborus Yoke by Mathew Gnagy from Knitscene magazine)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wearin' of the Green

Check out the cute cupcake for my hubby with Guiness/Irish Cream flavoring, which we snagged at U- Village Trophy Cupcakes. Fun place!
And in the spirit of the "Green"...I will show you what I've been dreaming of making next:

Helleborus Yoke, from Knitscene Winter/Spring 2010

Love, love, love it! I have some "Green Bushes" Aran weight wool that I got in Portland at Dublin Yarns, made by Kerry Woollen Mills in Ireland. I thought: How appropriate for a cute cabled sweater such as this.., but it calls for a bulkier weight yarn so I am thinking this over. The Thaki Tweed Alpaca they used in the magazine is no longer available in the green, and most stores I have checked do not carry it.
Edited to add: I did find some of the olive green Tahki Tweed/Alpaca at two online shops, in two separate states. I found 8 skeins at: FiberWild. They had great customer service and were a pleasure to work with. The other 3 skeins I found at: MyKnitch. The amazing part is that the skeins are of the same dyelot! After days of searching, I about fell over from shock learning that news! Unfortunately this yarn is discontinued, so if you intend on doing this pattern, you will need to scour the nation to find it, or use another bulky. I will save this Aran wool below for another project :) Enjoy your darlin' corned beef, and Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!