Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Garden Delights! Rescuing the Cherries, continued!

Lavendar is growing nicely and the bees like it too!

Honey bee is in center happily buzzing away... Below, a lovely bouquet from my garden.

Updated now so you can see how dark the cherries get after a few more days in the sun! That's more like it! Took my special "plucker" out there and got more today. It was too hot to be out there but they are so gorgeous. I couldn't leave them hanging!


Compared to just a few days ago, they are getting redder and sweeter! Yum!

Beautiful cherries are on our tree in the backyard. They are really coming out now and I am determined that the racoons, the crows and the sneaky squirrel I saw today are NOT going to eat them all. So I took my stick with the nails on the end that we get the cherries down with (a tool my hubby made!) and I went out there today to pluck them. It is labor intensive, and takes forever and makes your neck hurt looking up for a long time. No wonder they are so expensive in the stores. The first year we moved here, we got a bumper crop and my daughter sold them by the bag-full on the street instead of selling lemonade and she made $80!

If I wait even longer, they get redder like a Bing cherry, but they are still good at this stage and I am just not letting that sneaky squirrel get them all! Our neighbors had a racoon in their tree the other night and it was eating theirs. So he shot it with an air gun. That scared it off.

Next we will be waiting for our blueberries to ripen....This is how they look as they are getting ripe. They actually have to be a deep blue before you pick them. That one's almost ready! They need watering every night now.
That is pretty much all we are growing. The apple tree we don't prune so it doesn't produce large apples. I am growing a pot of basil though from T. Joes. It was just as cheap to buy a live plant. My favorite appetizer is fresh basil on Vinta crackers, with fresh mozarella and ripe tomato! Yum! Summer food! It's hot here, so it's yummy salad again tonight: Top Ramen salad with roasted chicken, roasted sliced almonds, roasted sesame seeds and cabbage with the yummy dressing-plus I added Yoshida's gourmet sauce to it!


Beatriz said...

Those cherries look so good. The birds got to the few apricots that grew this year. I got to taste only a couple. This is a good sized tree but this year was its first time giving fruit. Maybe next year will be better.

Jessica said...

mmm, that sounds SO good! Squirrels are such a nuisance, they are good at being sneaky and very hard to maintain...Brad's dad shoots them to kill them!...they are by the dozens on his back porch eating all the bird seed and destroying the plants out there! ;)

Betty Boop said...

How cool! We're looking for a house to buy right now and this brings me to the thought that I would love to plant some kind of fruit tree!