Friday, July 18, 2008

First Finished Sleeve

OK, this is a weird picture, and no, this is not a big men's tie... but it is the first sleeve (TA DA!) as flat as I can lay it out. It isn't blocked yet. It is shaped up at the shoulder. Now I am beginning the second sleeve and so glad to be done with the first. Finally! I am going to try to "match" the striping beginning at the wrist as best I can so hopefully the striping will be similar on both sleeves. I can hope for it anyway. It is difficult with a pieced sweater like this to get the striping to match unless you get lucky and find where to start your yarn just at the right spot in the skein. Overcast day today, so good day to work on knitting. Remember, this is what I'm going for:

I have the back done, the two front pieces done, and one beautiful sleeve done! After the next sleeve, it will start to get exciting!

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