Monday, August 4, 2008

Anatomy of a Cardigan

Here's what the parts all look like laying there. You've got the back in the center, and the little strips are actually the front pieces of the cardigan all scrunched up, because they are ribbed as well as narrow, and not blocked out,....the outer wings are the sleeves!:

This helps you see how it all comes together. I seamed the shoulders.Next step, I am picking up stitches (making new stitches where there are none basically) all along the front and neck edges and this will be the start of the ribbing needed. Though I am not sure how to pick them all up in one continuous line as the pattern reads. I will run out of cable on my circular. Unless I hold on to them with a metal stitch holder instead...hmm...the pattern didn't say I needed a humongously long cabled needle...Must be time to think about this and stop! Or go buy a really really long cabled needle!


Noelle's Nest.... said...

This is a beautiful cardigan!

Jessica said...

ohhh, I see how it all comes together! so cute! Are you making it for yourself or as a present for someone else?

Jeannine said...

ggThis one is for myself. So far i haven't "gifted" out any of my projects, except scarves. I am hoping it fits me!