Friday, June 20, 2008

First Sleeve

I figured I should at least blog about knitting once in awhile since this is a Knitting Blog after all. I have been reading alot of knitting mysteries lately as I mentioned before. My co-worker got me hooked on them. Thanks, Carol! I started getting jealous of the characters who were knitting, since I was just reading about knitting and not actually knitting. So I started knitting again and here's my very first sleeve so far. It has a ton of ribbing at the bottom so it looks very small, however it stretches around the wrist actually. After the ribbing, you change to larger needles, which I've done, and as you go up you increase every so many rows so hopefully the thing will fit over my arm when all is said and done and it's seamed together. If not, it could be a pretty funny and grand experiment! This will be what I take with me to the ocean so when I'm not reading about knitting and actually knitting, it will be my project. And when I get stuck, Mom will be there to bail me out. Remember, this is the sweater I'm working on:

I already found jewelry to match it, seriously, I did. So I have to finish the thing now.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ann Taylor Freak

Retail Therapy?
OK, from behind me in the Ann Taylor store this eve, I hear a voice in my ear: "Ann Taylor Freak!" ha ha! Guess who? My silly sister! Who else would be lurking in Ann Taylor? Quick, snap a picture before we get in trouble! Crummy picture, but funny moment! Yes, I am an Ann Taylor Freak...I admit it! But I managed to NOT buy anything at all. Aren't you proud?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, Dad! It's because of you that our family loves photos and we sure do have alot of memories we are able to recall due to our vast photo collections! Thanks to you, we all "got it!" You're a fantastic father and grandpa! Hat's off to you! Since it's graduation week for practically everyone in our entire family, and Father's Day, and your 51st anniversary all in one week, it is amazing how you and Mom made it to ALL the celebrations! Thank you for your love over the years! You are the best!

And here are some wonderful fathers and one special nephew who came to visit today! A perfect sunny day for BBQ hotdogs and watermelon. We are grateful for the guys in our lives! :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Grad Time!

Yesterday was a beautiful Ivy Cutting ceremony on SPU campus, held indoors due to the weather. And they did it so nicely, that someone could almost pretend it was the real ceremony. Complete with bagpipes, band and invocation, speaker, the whole bit! Except that they didn't toss tassles and get their names read. They did get a little cut of ivy, as is tradition.
Today was the actual graduation ceremony for the class of 2008 from Seattle Pacific University. It was held at QWest field on a typical Seattle day. Fortunately, Michelle did not have to use the very attractive SPU ponchos they gave out at check-in. This is the stadium from outside. We'd never been there before...

They managed to graduate all these kids in 3 hours, including giving out the doctorates and honorary awards, the whole bit! It was very well done! This is the cute duck on top of Michelle's hat! It was very easy to spot her in the sea of black robes and mortars this way! Very good idea! Some of the other graduates really got creative with their mortar boards as well. This fit perfectly for Michelle's love of ducks as well as the weather! Now it all feels "real" and it's over. This is a fake diploma cover, but we have the real diploma at home! You did it! Hooray! Congratulations, Michelle!
Cum Laude-2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Knitting Mystery

"Retail", is a comic in the daily PI and today's feature is one about yarn choices and dye lots. Now don't you all usually ask for the same dye lot? That's what I thought!
Get out the needles...forecast is for rain, rain and more of the same! Send us some sun, oh California! We will be sitting in graduation ceremonies Friday and Saturday in the wet unless the forecast changes. I guess they hand out rain ponchos to the graduates. That'd be so sad!
OK, there's a new knitting mystery book series out! My friend let me borrow the first one:
Knit One, Kill Two by Maggie Sefton...yes, that is the title! It's actually really pretty good!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Scharffen Berger Day

And it's not a bad name for a chocolate bar either...Maybe it should be called "Snarffen Berger"... This is the kind of afternoon we are having here. Can you see the rain pelting down in torrential downpour fashion? It is June, folks! Where's the sun? I bought a bar of my favorite dark chocolate (loaded with antioxidants, mind you!) Then the checker dude forgot to put it in my cart! Can you believe that?? What with the price of gas nowadays, do you think I wanted to drive ALL the way back to the store to get my chocolate bar? You bet your sweet dark 62 % cocao, I sure did!
It's a perfect evening for reading, scrapping or knitting! Take your pick... Definitely not barbequeing like friends in the warmer states! Oh yeah, this is the Evergreen State! I forgot. I think I will go console myself now with my "Snarffen Berger" chocolate!