Sunday, July 6, 2008

Frogging the Sleeve...Ocean Days

Oregon Coast near Otter Rock
This is the perfect bench for a romantic view of the beach. This is what "our" beach looks like looking north. It's a tradition for our family to come down here every year over the 4th of July.

This is the view of the beach looking south and taken from one of the cabin decks where we all end up gathering for our meals.

Here's one of the cabins that we usually stay in. They are rustic and simple, but have held alot of memories over the years.

Here's a shot of my sleeve before I discovered a major boo-boo and had to start "frogging" and ripping it back since I didn't do my increases correctly. It was a sad, sad thing to rip it back.
Here's a shot of it after I had to rip it back all the way to the ribbed cuff. Now I am going to be much more careful when my pattern reads: "Increase at EACH end of the 10th row"....Grrr!

SO now I am back at it ... and it looks like this again. Much wider. Probably good! Now it may actually fit my arm!In the meantime, Mom is turning out amazing socks once again!

Sandy Days at the beach...The kids decided to do a real sandcastle this year!

Here's part of the crew. Everyone pitched in! Castle was complete with moat and all sorts of sea things decorating it. The waves swept it away in the night and the kids went down to watch it go!

We were very fortunate this year to have had all of the cousins on the trip and Jeff along too. Nobody had to stay behind due to work or other commitments. It was a very special trip indeed!

Vacations are always too short...Our favorite things about our trips to the ocean are:
Playing board games, going to Pie Chalet for Marionberry pie, wearing our Keene's, fireworks on the beach, buttermilk pancakes, chef salad, Mo's chowder, and cobbler, early low tide walks, checking out Devil's Punch Bowl, sand dune rides (don't smile or you get sand in your teeth!), movies at the little theater (it's dark in here, can't they afford lights?) Laughing, reading, more games, pictures, pictures...and no matter the's still the ocean and it's awesome!


Jessica said...

Jeanine, thanks for the comment! YES, Mom fixed sauerkraut and sausage often for us growing up (my dad's favorite) and I used to hate it but now I love it!
so sad about having to rip back your sweater sleeve! When I have crochet'd I'd have to do that often, it gets old! Good luck!
The movie Sophie's Choice is rated R, for language and holocaust depiction.

Jessica said...

the pics of the beach are SO nice! where is it at?

Betty Boop said...

I can't believe that first picture. It looks like it came right out of a magazine. So beautiful.

joyof8 said...

we go to a family reunion similar at Lake Junaluska each year in North Carolina. It is really special to all of us too...but i wish we were at the beach like you!

So that's what FROGGING means!!