Saturday, November 29, 2008

28Thirty Progress

Blocked and sewing on buttons next... I even gave it a little tumble in the dryer on very light heat (superwash wool!) at the end of blocking.

So evidently the cat has put her claws of approval on this one as good for camping out on. I leave for a few minutes, and see what happens?

I am not sure about the waist shaping until I block this and see how it all comes out. I think my experimental shaping may have done the trick. Above shown in natural light.

This one showing more the true color of this yarn and how the sleeve ended up. I didn't do the cuff as long as pattern called for. And omitted the purl ribbing down the sleeves. Now I am about 6 inches into the 2nd sleeve and will start decreases. I think I avoided the "armadillo and Michelin man" thing by omitting the purl ridges and doing decreases every 5th row after 6 in. stockinette was knit from underarm.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

28Thirty Sweater Body and Sleeves

Shown here starting on the sleeves and trying out the Magic Loop method: using one long circular to knit a smaller circumference (in this case, a sleeve) in the round. This is my first time trying out this method. Another method would be using double circular needles. I have watched the tutorials on to see how. Basically these are done so that you don't have to do seaming at the end. Since it is knit from the top down, you can try it on as you go!
I will not be continuing with the purl ridges that are supposed to march down the sleeves past this point, as the pattern indicates. It will be straight stockinette until I get to the cuffs.
This is the body of the sweater with my modifications to the original pattern: I added several more inches of length and additonal buttonholes, as well as waist increases. I wanted it longer, rather than the cropped version. I am enjoying knitting along with other Ravelry folks and the help they provide!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

28Thirty Sweater Body

Shown after dropping sleeve stitches onto holders, and continuing down in stockinette stitch for the body of the sweater. Must keep in mind that a buttonhole goes in every 18th row. Note: the pattern has you put buttonholes on opposite side than you normally would. The purled ridges are cute up until this point, however I will do the sleeves from here on in stockinette stitch, until reaching the cuffs. This is a modification on the pattern which calls for you to do the purl ridge rows every 6th row all the way down the sleeves. My reasoning: I agree with some on Ravelry who say this gives the sweater a bit of a "Michelin Man" look, or an armadillo look (especially in the green color I have chosen!) A fun knit so far, and again, I am learning so much. This is my first topdown sweater. Advantages to doing a topdown are that you can try it on as you go and make adjustments if needed. It is a bit tight when tried on so far, however I have hopes it will stretch a bit when blocked and it is somewhat hard to try on with it on the needles!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

28Thirty Sweater

Progressing now down the yoke of the 28Thirty and entering into the area soon where I will leave off the sleeve stitches. Then I will continue down the body, to later come back to do the picking up of sleeve stitches. Can you identify this leaf? Please let me know if you can name the plant that grows these beautiful leaves in the fall ranging from orange to dark brown and changing like this one!

Back to knitting the 28Thirty Sweater that I literally put on hold while I did my last two cardigans. Poor sweater neck was on a needle in a bag all this time! Requires a fairly long circular needle since you are carrying all the neck, yoke and body stitches on one needle which requires quite a stitch count after you add all your increases on. I am using a size 8. This sweater I saw on a gal at REI in August and she told me it was the first sweater she'd ever knit. It is knit from the top down. This will be my first top down sweater. It requires markers to mark the buttonbands, the places you increase, as you move into the yoke, then the body. The sleeves will be knit also in the round either using double circulars or magic loop method (a very long circular). What you see here is the neck, and part of the yoke. The neck can be folded down to have a collar, or buttoned up. There are buttonholes every 18 rows down the front of the sweater. I have bumped the buttons over by one stitch to center them more on the buttonband. I am using a Cascade 220 Superwash wool in a loden green. Mainly because it was on sale, and they had enough of it in stock!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lovely Loppem is Finished

My beautiful Loppem by Norah Gaughan is finished! Buttons are on and it is laying flat now to dry a bit. Trying to show you the buttons here while taking a self-pic with it on-a bit hard!

I did four cable pattern repeats, and 2 more lines following those before starting the yoke.On the sleeves, I hadn't misread the pattern after all...just hadn't read far enough to the end. If I want to, now is when I would pick up stitches around the sleeves and add another little "ridge" of stitches. I am kind of pleased with it as is. I may just leave it! The cardi does swing open as you can see when it is hung. Probably the most challenging thing for me is trying to lightly steam-press the decreased stitches a bit so they don't show so much on this heathered yarn, as well as blocking to make everything lie flat. Despite a few minor things, I think all in all, it went well!

Loppem from the Norah Gaughan Vol. 3 book, was knit on size 9 needles using Cascade Heathers 220 wool in Aporto Blue on one circular needle from the bottom up. I used 3 skeins. Modifications: Body- Started decreases at 2.75 " and every 1.75 " after-however found wasn't necessary to change the decreases from pattern instructions, as I did end up following the pattern length pretty closely. Sleeves-omitted the extra band rows at the finishing stage. Suggestions: May want to put sleeves on holder instead of casting off armholes, then casting on sleeves-it was very tight casting on the sleeve sts. Definitely check Ravelry and Berroco errata changes on this pattern.

TA DA! I did it! It turned out just as I had imagined it would...

Loppem Sleeves

Loppem shown close to actual color, hanging on a chair! Have worked up through the sleeves and beginning next on the yoke. This is a very fun stage of the sweater, where it is all coming together and soon to be completed. Notes to self: Might have listened to advice of another knitter and done a few things differently. Casting on sleeve stitches was very tight. Might have put some stitches on holders to help through that portion. Decrease rows on sleeves did not line up in pattern. Reverse stockinette on lower portion of sleeves was done only first few rows instead of repeated a few rows later, as I never saw in pattern those instructions to repeat it. Though I am not disappointed in having it only on the edge. It matches the lower hem of the sweater that way. In the yoke portion, will be the buttonholes. I have buttons that I think will work well! This one with flash turned off-NOT actual color but shows stitch definition a little more for you. I have done 4 pattern repeats with 2 more lines of pattern after that prior to yoke.
All in is coming along well and hopefully some of the decreases and rough spots will block out to not be noticeable. A "happy" knit!