Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Portland City Trip -Benson Hotel and Sauce Box

The Benson Hotel is right on Broadway in downtown Portland. We found it was very noisy on that side of the building on the weekend, so we asked for earplugs. The decor is elegant.
Lobby carpet was pretty...
The ceiling in the lobby was very ornate. We saw a wedding party get photographed on the steps in the lobby and another bride and groom arrive on Saturday.
We ate at the Sauce Box the first night just down the street. It was a very "happening" place and was popular with the younger crowd. The food was amazing. The wait staff knew their stuff. Candles were on the stairs so you had to be careful going up. Two Bachelorette parties were going on in the room we were in. This was our view into the lower dining area. Reservations a must at this place. Lots of goodies to try. Tapioca dumplings were interesting and yummy. Everything well presented.
My salmon with fried leeks, spinach...good but on salty side.Arne's squid which he really did eat in that curry sauce. He really did swallow it whole! Ew!

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Jessica said...

my husband Brad LOVES squid and all things from the ocean...I think it's gross, just like you tho!! I wonder what the waitstaff thought about all the pictures you snapped of your food! hahah probably you are from a magazine or something! HAHA