Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Engage and On Gauge

I encourage you to visit this wonderful blog of a good friend of mine:I Choose Joy: Polished Stones Ministry
You will find much inspiration for living and faith there. Take a look and pass it on to someone you know who could be encouraged by it.

You can also view my Guest Posting there as well, entitled Engage and On Gauge.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Canvas Wall Art

If you go to this groovy blog here, you will see an incredible idea for canvas wall art. This is not my own idea. I had a friend who made a very pretty one too which inspired me, then I searched and found this blog on my own. I plan to make a trio to hang in a row on the wall above our TV.

The way I made mine:
Purchase 16 x 20" white canvas from Michaels ( I got a deal on a set of 5)
Black acrylic paint, large bottle
sponge paint brushes of multiple sizes
craft papers of your choosing, cut into leaves ranging around 1-2" in length
Mod Podge-shiny or matte finish, I chose matte

Paint the board all black. Use two coats, letting dry in between coats. Don't forget the edges also. Wash your brushes out well.

Cut the craft papers first into strips, then into rectangles, then into little and larger leaves, according to your tastes and color desires.
I found I preferred smaller leaves in the I cut some of these down smaller. Arrange on your board to get a feel for where you want them. Trace around a juice glass for the center of the flower shape.
I changed my mind on the center color and swapped around the leaves a bit. Then glued them down with a glue stick.

You can overlap the leaves on the edges, just try to secure them down as best as you can.

As it appears before the Mod Podge-ing. (Above) Then I used Mod Podge in matte finish (below) to gently layer on over with a clean foam brush. Careful, you don't want the edges of your papers to lift or get too soaked and buckle. One layer of Mod Podge on:

Two layers of Mod Podge on. If you want a texture or stippled look you can make it so using your brush strokes in that way. I tried to make mine smooth.
Let dry between layers. You can do as many layers as you like or none at all. I may stick with two.
Now to let dry and see how it turns out.

Voila! Wall art!