Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cinnamon Annabel Cardigan and Felted Poms

A little cinnamon wool and big needles, endless garter stitch and a super easy pattern. Annabel Cardigan, from Quince and Co. I got two skeins of Eco Wool, but barely used the 2nd skein for this one. I did use dpns for the sleeves and you can see where I had the needle changes so I tried to smooth that out when blocking. This sweater is worked from the top down, sleeves put on holders and worked at the end.

Feeling a little crafty, I got some Roving  and watched a tutorial on felting it in warm soapy water. It would've worked better if I used the roving that comes in fluffy sheets instead of the yarn.

 I got my hot water ready with the soap in it and made a ball, and started working it side to side in my hands.

It looked like this:

 Then I added on a color to it. Again, this would work much better if you  had the roving separated into thin strips instead of it being in a twisted yarn.
 My end result was this little funny display of yarn balls, stuck on some floral stems and put in a vase. It added some green and whimsy the table. However the yarn is visible where I wound it. I also tried putting the balls in the washer inside a fabric bag. If I were to try this again, I would either take the time to really separate out the layers or buy the roving in big "batting" type form. But it was fun to try out.