Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Visiting Dublin Bay Knitting Co.

When I saw this knitting shop online, I knew I wanted to find it when we got down to Portland as it promised to carry some lovely wool. And it surely did! As well as many other fine sock yarns and a variety of other yummy finds. Here's their site:
Dublin Bay Knitting Co.
They were so kind to help me find the perfect Aran Wool, imported from Killarney, Ireland. I believe they are the only shop in downtown Portland that have the Kerry Woollen Mills wools.
And so kind of them to help me wind, and wind ...and wind my skeins. It took her forever, but she was still smiling. The shop is located in the Pearl District and we rode the streetcar which was very easy to do to get there. Since it was an Irish wool, of course I chose a lovely green called Green Bushes with flecks of blue and brown. It will make a fine warm sweater one day! If you ever get down to Portland, there are a few other yarn stores downtown as well. This was my only yarn stop this trip. I recommend taking the easy trip on the streetcar to see this one! A beautiful store and well worth the trip!

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Beatriz said...

That's a pretty name for a district, and the yarn you purchased is such a nice shade of green.