Sunday, August 5, 2012

What's a Knitter To Pack?

What's a knitter to pack when she is going to a warm place...but taking alot of airplanes? Yes, the Kindle to be sure, that is a given.

Getting ready for our trip to Italy. It is fun! And alot of work. All the planning and organizing. I have the required lightweight, quick dry clothes, travel shoes, a travel purse... really nothing frivolous at all. The bare minimum clothing and underthings. A few scarves. One dress.
Even though I am keeping it very light, I am at the weight limit already on the carryon...We'll see if I can squeeze any knitting on to the plane!
I am not sure what I would want to take and knit. I know if I see someone else knitting and I don't have mine, I'll be jealous...Whatever I decide to take, I will have to carry it all around. In case I get a mean agent, who demands my needles are dangerous and I must leave them behind...(not likely, as TSA says you can take them on board), I don't want it to be something very valuable. I suppose socks, yes, I know, I heard you said "socks",..I am not into socks, remember? Ha ha, I suppose I could start for fun. I already knit a mini shawl, which I am wondering now where it will fit and if it will seem too hot in the weather there. Unless I wear it on the plane. I do plan to try to visit a yarn shop while there in Lucca. I am not sure what to expect to find in the way of bringing any yarn back with me, however it will be interesting to see what they carry. It is not my primary goal of the trip, so I will just be pleasantly surprised if the shop has anything worthwhile.
Meanwhile I will continue to do suitcase "lift" exercises to gear up around the house and keep up with my walking, as I hear we will we be doing plenty of that!