Saturday, August 9, 2008

Camping, Geocaching, New Project

Camping in "Harvey" the RV...We drove east to one of our favorite spots by the creek.
Since no campfires were allowed due to burn bans, we made S'Mores on the grill!
And a banana boat, which looks gross here, but was yummy! (Stuff marshmallows and chocolate into a banana and that is a banana boat!)

Our campsite is right by the creek and it sounds so peaceful all day and night...

One day we decided to go Geocaching near by. This is a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) device. You look up coordinates for the "hidden cache" and find it. Usually!Here's Michelle searching for the cache...I cannot tell you where it was -it's a secret!Aha! She found it! It is inside this container! Inside are a bunch of things other geo-cachers have left behind. You can leave a trinket inside. The weirdest thing had to be the DVD movie or maybe the metal tea steeper, or the Keebler elf, and the coolest thing was the European coin! You sign the "log" that you've been there...
In between lots of time to relax and read and hang out together, I got a new project on the needles. This is the Peace Fleece Everyday Cardigan, a revised version that is apparently longer with few buttons than the original. It has been in my stash since January when everyone at the local store was casting on to knit it at the same time, but I didn't start mine then. The worsted weight wool is Russian/Romanian/American (Hence, the Peace Fleece-it is a project to promote peace between nations-begun in 1986 in response to the cold war)
It is a 70% merino wool/30% mohair blend
Color: Zarya Fog

But I haven't forgotten about my other cardigan...I am waiting to get help on my buttonhole rows from Mom!


Beatriz said...

I never knew what geocaching meant...thanks! I'll have to suggest that next time we go camping.

Jessica said...

geocaching is the coolest thing, I have never heard of that before!! it's like a treasure hunt!! how FUN!! I love camping, although, I'd rather have somebody cleaning up after me at the campsite and packing everything up. It's fun being the less responsible child who gets all the amenities without as much work! haha

Noelle's Nest.... said...

wOW, your daughters are so beautiful! What a wonderful time for you!