Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Buttonhole Band

Whew! The buttonhole band is finished and cast off! Pieces are still not sewn together so it is looking sort of "wavy" here laying on a beanbag chair, but it is very ribbed at the bottom so it draws it in quite a bit. That's the part I am worried about fitting into! HA! My very first buttonholes! How cute!! (Thanks, Mom! She came and helped me today!)
And now I am finding the next part a challenge also: the seaming up of the sides and setting in the sleeves, though I have two excellent books to help me out on the different options. "Knitting for Dummies" and another book I found called, "The Knitting Answer Book". I tried to start pinning tonight but am too tired to it will wait!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

wow, looking good!! I'm sure it will fit great...It all seems so complicated, with the button holes and all. From what Erin says too, it's very simple tho, so that's great!