Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Knitting

What better way to spend the eves than watching Phelps winning gold medals while frantically knitting the back of Everyday cardigan sweater at the same time? I'm supposed to do 22 in.of stockinette stitch up the back. Good to do while watching relays! Keeps you from biting your nails instead! Yep, this is the newest sweater.You can see the difference in color now in these pics. The top one is very grey heathery blue with flecks in it. I will work on the Air "Blueberry" cardigan below more this week and conquer buttonholes! They're gonna go right along the edge here soon:
I can finally see the "light at the end of the sweater" as far as getting closer to being finished. It will be funny (NOT) if it doesn't fit me! If it doesn't fit, I can get it wet and block it out maybe a bit. Or lose 30 pounds...hmm...

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