Saturday, November 29, 2008

28Thirty Progress

Blocked and sewing on buttons next... I even gave it a little tumble in the dryer on very light heat (superwash wool!) at the end of blocking.

So evidently the cat has put her claws of approval on this one as good for camping out on. I leave for a few minutes, and see what happens?

I am not sure about the waist shaping until I block this and see how it all comes out. I think my experimental shaping may have done the trick. Above shown in natural light.

This one showing more the true color of this yarn and how the sleeve ended up. I didn't do the cuff as long as pattern called for. And omitted the purl ribbing down the sleeves. Now I am about 6 inches into the 2nd sleeve and will start decreases. I think I avoided the "armadillo and Michelin man" thing by omitting the purl ridges and doing decreases every 5th row after 6 in. stockinette was knit from underarm.


knittinwolf said...

Nice job! What a beautiful cat! Don't you love how they have to add their fiber to your projects!:) I'm to the yoke on my Loppem! Been doing so many other projects that this is on the back burner! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Beatriz said...

This is turning out really nice.

sugarmountain said...

I'm impressed by the cat.... :-)
Too cute... :-)

..ehm... the sweater too, is lovely... :-)