Saturday, November 8, 2008

28Thirty Sweater

Progressing now down the yoke of the 28Thirty and entering into the area soon where I will leave off the sleeve stitches. Then I will continue down the body, to later come back to do the picking up of sleeve stitches. Can you identify this leaf? Please let me know if you can name the plant that grows these beautiful leaves in the fall ranging from orange to dark brown and changing like this one!

Back to knitting the 28Thirty Sweater that I literally put on hold while I did my last two cardigans. Poor sweater neck was on a needle in a bag all this time! Requires a fairly long circular needle since you are carrying all the neck, yoke and body stitches on one needle which requires quite a stitch count after you add all your increases on. I am using a size 8. This sweater I saw on a gal at REI in August and she told me it was the first sweater she'd ever knit. It is knit from the top down. This will be my first top down sweater. It requires markers to mark the buttonbands, the places you increase, as you move into the yoke, then the body. The sleeves will be knit also in the round either using double circulars or magic loop method (a very long circular). What you see here is the neck, and part of the yoke. The neck can be folded down to have a collar, or buttoned up. There are buttonholes every 18 rows down the front of the sweater. I have bumped the buttons over by one stitch to center them more on the buttonband. I am using a Cascade 220 Superwash wool in a loden green. Mainly because it was on sale, and they had enough of it in stock!


Jessica said...

out of curiosity, how much money does it cost to actually knit this sweater or like the cardigans you have done?

Jeannine said...

Depends on the yarn you choose and the quantity varies for each pattern. Like the Loppem that I just did I had two extra skeins leftover that I can take back to the shop since I didn't open them and have the receipt. I was able to do the sweater using I think 3 skeins and if you get it on sale..could be like $6-7 per skein. The one I'm doing now was a Cascade Superwash on sale, so I got I think 4-5 skeins at maybe $6each.I may not use it all.Some yarn shops let you bring back within so many days as long as unopened. Others are more strict. I try to get good quality in the right gauge for the pattern because of course I don't want it to look bad after all the work!I am partial to wool which can run more in cost than a cheapo yarn.