Saturday, November 1, 2008

Loppem Sleeves

Loppem shown close to actual color, hanging on a chair! Have worked up through the sleeves and beginning next on the yoke. This is a very fun stage of the sweater, where it is all coming together and soon to be completed. Notes to self: Might have listened to advice of another knitter and done a few things differently. Casting on sleeve stitches was very tight. Might have put some stitches on holders to help through that portion. Decrease rows on sleeves did not line up in pattern. Reverse stockinette on lower portion of sleeves was done only first few rows instead of repeated a few rows later, as I never saw in pattern those instructions to repeat it. Though I am not disappointed in having it only on the edge. It matches the lower hem of the sweater that way. In the yoke portion, will be the buttonholes. I have buttons that I think will work well! This one with flash turned off-NOT actual color but shows stitch definition a little more for you. I have done 4 pattern repeats with 2 more lines of pattern after that prior to yoke.
All in is coming along well and hopefully some of the decreases and rough spots will block out to not be noticeable. A "happy" knit!

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