Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Ribbed Bolero

Starting out with size 8's for the ribbing using Cotton Ease in taupe. Moving on to size 10.5 needles for the lace pattern, however they were "sticky plastic" and I had to run get some metal circulars to keep from going crazy.
Continuing on with metal circs, that work much better, but happen to be size 10. Size 10.5 is hard to find. I think they will be ok since I am knitting more loosely now that the yarn can move freely.

It's time for some lemonade and working a few more rows on the deck today. I am trying to hold it up here so you can see through it.

A bit scrunched up on the needles, so looks kind of uneven, but you get the idea of the lace. It requires rows of: K2tog, yo, yo, ssk on one row, alternating rows of purling, and purling into the yarnover from front, purling into the yarnover from the back.

Once you get the hang of that it is mostly about knitting the lace pattern for a long stretch until you get to the length you want, and then the next step in the pattern...Time for more lemonade!


Where the nodding violets grow said...

Looking good. I love the colour too.

Jeannine said...

I like taupe. It is a sort of neutral color isn't it?