Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Signs of Summer

Roses from the garden...

Blueberries ready to pick!
Coleus plants on our porch. I love them!

Leaves from my favorite smoke bush in the neighborhood. They are the dark plum color now. In the fall they turn the above colors!

First tomatoes! That means we have sun in Seattle! 75 degrees today!


knitterbeader said...

Wow! You do have tomatoes! Ours sat "dormant" for so long in the cool weather, and are just now coming out of it. We have tomatoes about the size of a walnut - so hopefully we'll have some ripe ones before we have a freeze. I like coleus plants also, and have a couple out front.

Jeannine said...

Well I cheated and got a plant already started with no fruit on it, but it was from a farmer's market. We get alot of sun on the so.side.

Sandee said...

GASP! I planted 3 blueberry bushes in April and forgot all about them! I wonder if they have any berries. I need to go check on them NOW!

I am a horrible gardener.

Jeannine said...

Ha ha, Sandee! Too funny! Hope they are ok!

Sandee said...

Well 2 of the three have berries! I was told to not expect a lot the first year. They are very young plants. They are looking blue, but I tasted one and it is not ripe enough yet.

I think I may have enough for 2 whole muffins!!!!!!