Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Lucille" Goes Camping

Enjoying a lovely sunny time out by the Cooper River... Our resident chipmunk who lived inside our campsite stone fireplace. (photo taken by my Dad)
Evening Grosbeak, also photographed by my Dad.

Our peaceful hammock by the river.

"Lucille" had a great view of all this!

Actually, the next two pics I think show it flipped wrong side up, but you get the idea so far of the yoke:

I think "Lucille" really enjoyed camping this week at Salmon La Sac. It was so peaceful and relaxing by the Cooper River. I am done now with the easy part of the yoke and ready to begin the more complicated lace pattern. Too bad we had to come back home to reality! Vacations are like that though, aren't they?


Sandee said...

You know, seeing that hammock is almost enough to convince me that I might like camping. Almost....

Wow, you sure like your green yarn, don't you!?

Jeannine said...

We used to "rough it" more in tents, but we still like to go where there is not many people...We love being out in "nature!" Yep,it was the same green the sample was done in the shop. I like it as alternative for a girl besides "PINK".

choo choo knits said...

you've been knitting up a storm! i love the color (and the pattern)...and desperately need a "vacation" myself

Jeannine said...

choo choo, I hope you get a vacation soon!!!

Beatriz said...

That looks like a great time...I hope we go camping this summer.