Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Violette-le-duc Back

In between shoveling the driveway and Christmas prep...the knitfest continues! Needle size 5 for ribbing, then size 7 for the back. Could not fit stitches on the straight 7's I had so using my 7 circs. Several more inches up the back, then there will be some shaping for the armholes to do. The teal is great and we are hoping we like the metallic gold ok when all is said and done. A very nice feel to knit with the Berroco "Inca Gold" teal yarn. It is a merino wool/silk blend. And who is Violette-le-duc anyway? I am going to look her up online and see. Oh wow, she's a colorful character from France.


banu said...

Beautiful blog, amazing knitting...

Beatriz said...

I like the way it looks right side up. When I searched for the pattern, I came across this photo from the Berroco website:


I met Cirilia briefly (in photo) at Stitches West when she still worked for Webs. She will be a great assett to Berroco.

I hope you model it both ways when it is complete.

Erin said...

You're making fast progress!