Thursday, December 18, 2008

Knitting Weather

Well what shall we do while we are stuck inside today? Knit, of course! Yesterday and today schools were closed. More snow is falling today and this weekend. Very unusual for Seattle weather. Enjoying the knitting time... Using the Cosmicpluto Knits Topdown Raglan design as a model, I'm making a Cotton Ease taupe sweater for my oldest daughter. Amazing, my kids actually want me to knit them something! This pattern is easy to knit and try on as you go. She wanted shorter sleeves and only five button holes. I bound off the buttonbands shortly after the last button hole, so I could modify to connect and knit in the round after purl ridges. Decreased to shape at the waist and will increase for hips. This yarn is soft and springy. I am usually a "wool girl", so this is my first time knitting with this type of yarn.Shown here at its beginning stage... Using size 8 circulars. Put on waste yarn to try on, and knit sleeves first before beginning the body.

I think topdowns are easy to knit and also great since you can modify and keep increasing if they aren't fitting under the arms or across the front. I am also planning on doing a version of Cosmicpluto Knits Topdown Raglan in Noro wool for myself. In the meantime, the highly sought after and long-awaited yarn has arrived from Webs ( for Norah Gaughan's Violette Le Duc out of Norah Gaughan's Vol.3. My youngest daughter and I are fascinated by it and she actually asked me to knit it for her. It will probably be the greatest challenge to date to my skill level. I will have to make it a size we both can wear! The model is actually wearing hers upside down on the cover to show it can be worn two ways. It is knit in pieces and seamed together...ew, seams...I forgot what those were like!
Yarns used: Inca Gold -wool, silk blend-by Berroco in teal color 6418, and contrast color is Lumina by Berroco in color 1620
If I can pull this one off, it will be a great feat!

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Beatriz said...

It's nice to make knitted items for family who actually will appreciate your hard work. Last year I made two cardigans and one sweater and one vest...all for family members.