Monday, December 29, 2008

All A Knitter Wants For Christmas

Nothing can make a knitter more happy than a Vogue Cable Stitchionary book and "At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much," a humorous book by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Except for maybe 6 Noro Kureyon yarn skeins from your sister in a colorway you got to pick out yourself (early) for your own present and pretend you never saw it before on Christmas morning. Or maybe the Starbucks mug from oldest daughter and boyfriend that looks like it is "knit" on the outer design. Or maybe Smart Wool socks from REI that you already have a bazillion pairs of, but always ask for more because they are so smart and so wool! Granted, they aren't hand knit socks, but they are still my favorite! We are just so glad the snow has finally melted and we can get out of the house and get around. But of course everyone in the entire city decided it was time to go to Target and the mall today so that was interesting. I came home again where it is safe!
Violette- le -duc is coming along. I am now on the first sleeve and finished with the back and the two small front and back segments. To show you all the pieces would be confusing...believe me, it is getting to be a many-pieced thing which I must label in ziplocs. Shown here is the back and the sleeve and of the little pieces in a ziploc. It will have to be blocked and layed out flat later to be able to seam it together. We are not at that stage yet, however. This one is going to be a mind-bending and amazing feat to put together! Hopefully worth it!

I do love this yarn, though. It's the Berroco Inca Gold-wool/silk blend.

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Delaney's Duds said...

you've been a busy girl! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jeannine!