Wednesday, May 21, 2008

WWKIP Day is Coming Soon...

Ok, so the sun only lasted two days...What did you expect from Seattle? That's why it's so green here! Just to let you know I discovered that an important date is coming up, which everyone should mark on their calendars (if you are a knitter of course!) If not, you don't really care:
Worldwide Knit In Public Day, yessirree! WWKIP DAY! Mark it down! It's June 14th!
And on that date, you can bet there will be an entire army of knitters doing their knitting thing in public!
This is a photo of my very cool tote/knitting bag which has many cool pockets and magnetic closure. I already have alot of cool totes and knitting bags. But this one was more waterproof and very stylish. And a woman can never have too many totes.

As for the progress on the sweater, I am now done with the back, the left and right fronts and now starting my very first ever SLEEVE! If you look back at my Long Sleeved Cardigan entry, you can see what I'm going for-as in, a sweater!
It doesn't look like much yet...but this is the beginning of something amazing!


Genesis 30:22 said...

I can't believe there's a day set aside specially just for knitting in public! I love the bag, it's soo cute!

Beatriz said...

I can't make it this year to the Santa Barbara WWKIP meetup location, but last year our LYS group met some nice ladies up in SB then afterwards everyone went to BB Knits for 50% off closing business sale. The yarn shop owner was retiring and several SB knitters knew her well and told us about the great sale. If you go, make sure to take pic.