Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wally the Ram

My sis- in -law Jean and her husband live on a delightful farm in Chewlah, WA. You may visit her lovely site at Chicory Springs Farm. It is the home to goats and many other livestock, as well as home to Wally the ram! Soon Wally will lose his wool. I wonder what will become of his wool? Will some lucky knitter be able to spin it, dye it -or can you dye brown wool-and knit with it? Jean has penned a fantastically cute poem in honor of Wally ...and his wool! (Ahem, now for the poem):

Wally, Wally is a ram.
“A big boy-sheep,
That’s what I am!
I’m rough and tough,
I’ll fight all day.
And if I’m happy,
It’s baaaaa I’ll say!”

Wally, Wally is a sheep.
He’s not so tough,
he’s pretty meek.
He shakes his horns and
stomps his feet,
but he’ll wiggle his tail
if you scratch his cheek!

Wally, Wally has some wool.
It’s big and brown,
his coat’s quite full.
The weather’s hot,
he says, "enough!
Somebody come get rid of this stuff!”

Wally, Wally is a sheep.
I called the shearer,
he’s coming next week.
Clipping, snipping it falls to the ground.
Wally, Wally isn’t so round!

Wally, Wally wants a ewe.
He looks around to improve his view.
The pen next door?
It’s just a buck.
Wally, Wally is out of luck.

Wally, Wally is a ram.
A time ago he was a lamb.
He drank some milk and grew up fast,
Wally, Wally now likes grass!
Thanks, Jean! :) Keep us informed on Wally.....He is awesome!

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Beatriz said...

That is such a cute poem. Have a good weekend.