Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thanks, Mom! Happy Mother's Day!

Mom....It's all because of you that I am...

And it's all because of you that I knit...I am, therefore I knit!!

I am awkward at first, using long straight needles on my very first scarf! Now I prefer circulars.

This was my little scarf in progress! It was a bumpy blend, and fun to do. It's fun sharing this hobby with you. You are a wonderful example of a creative woman who is always learning new things. Thanks to you, Mom, for all you are and all you do!


Here's the sock Mom is knitting on. I haven't done one yet, so I am waiting for her to teach me when she becomes the expert at it. It looks really pretty so far...

This is what it looks like sideways! Very nice!

Gerbera Daisies and English Daisies for Mother's Day...

SISTERS.....We got twinsie cards!

Look at the fine handmade jewelry by Wendy! I'm impressed...


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