Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Green Sprout Goes Camping

I've been wanting to try the Spud & Chloe yarn for a long, long time. Just waiting to find the perfect project to use it on, as it tends to be bolder, brighter and more fun-loving. It is a bit on the pricey side at $15 a skein, ouch! Using 3 skeins of the "grass 7502" color to make this project, will cost about $50. However, it is highly rated from users and so I thought I should use the called for yarn for the first one I make. Apparently the cotton/wool blend gives great feel and definition. This is a worsted sweater yarn that is machine washable. Just right for making the Sprout Blanket by Hanna Breetz. You can click on my link to see it there.
 Without giving away the details of the chart, this gives you an idea how it is constructed. Looks like the increases are made by purling into the front and back of stitches next to the leaves.
 It's a cute little blankey for a little "sprout!"

It will make a great project to take with me on my camping trip to Eastern, WA where we will be catching some more sun next week. Summer has just barely arrived in Seattle and we have had only a few days over 80 so far, with mostly low 70's at best, and more rain than we ever imagined possible. However, we would gladly take this weather pattern over and against what the rest of the nation is facing with triple digit heat advisories. Yes,...70's sound just fine to us here.
Here we go! Camping while knitting the Sprout!

 The beginnings of the Sprout...Hard to miss with this kind of scenery to knit by.

 As Sprout grows upward, I am falling even more in love with it.  This yarn was a dream to knit with.
 I knit like a maniac and in three days it was finished. Had to do an outdoor photo shoot with my beloved Sprout.

The reverse side of the blanket is also pretty. My husband liked this side of the blanket:

I am very excited about my little Green Sprout! I will be saving this one for a future little "grandsprout". Until then, I guess I should try blocking it and see how it does. This yarn is to be machine washed gently and tumbled dry on low. I am nervous to try this, but this is what they say. And for now it might just have to make its home on my brown chair in the yarn room. Because the bright green goes SO well with it and my pillow. And because I simply adore it! I am smitten with it actually.


knitterbeader said...

Wow, that's a beautiful blanket, but looks way too challenging for my fingers. I'll just admire it through you... so will be looking for pictures. Yarn is pretty, too. Have fun in eastern WA (we lived in Spokane for 20 years).

NeenerKnits said...

The pattern is well written and if you can do socks,you surely are coordinated enough to do it. Just need to know a few ways to decrease and increase and follow the chart!