Monday, July 18, 2011

Knittin' With The Moose

 At the Stitch 'n Pitch Mariners Game at Safeco Field the other night, many knitters gathered to watch the game and knit simultaneously. I realize this sounds impossible, but some managed to do both. My first time attending, it was quite the spectacle. First, you got your free T-shirt...then you had to go look at all the yarn vendors stationed with their goods out by the food. You could smell the garlic fries while looking at yarn...that was odd. Ivar's was there, so I had to get some of the fish 'n chips of course. I got a snazzy ear piece that has a light on it so you can knit with directed light or read with it in the dark. Groovy. Here's the field and some of our players. Oops, those aren't our players. See how much I know about baseball? Our guys are in WHITE. We lost...but oh well. You couldn't really pay much attention to the game between yarn shopping, eating and stumbling over people knitting. I found it amusing when you got up to get out of your seat, the ladies would say "Just a minute, let me finish this one row." And then you stood there patiently while they did just that. Only a group of knitters would understand or do this!

I met a lady next to me who doesn't knit socks either. I gave her a "high five." We "non-sock knitters" have to stick together. Eventually, I'll make socks. Just not now...I'm still doing the fingerless gloves. I got maybe a few rows done, dropped my stitch marker in the bleachers and fumbled around for my camera and cell phone alot.
Especially when I saw the Mariners Moose show up. I always get super excited when he shows up.
He looks super excited too. I'm not sure about what, since we were losing pretty badly.
Megan knows how to show her true fan spirit. This was NOT a staged shot, I promise! Thankfully Megan had a good camera phone and got this one of our friend. Looks like he is about to get speared by that lady's knitting needles. What a dangerous group of women, eh?


Megan said...

Thanks for featuring me on your blog I'll be sure to show Tyler! Great shots of the Moose and a fun recap of the event!

Beatriz said...

Stitch'n'Pitch was so much fun when we did that as a knitting group. It really is one of the few sports that I both understand and enjoy watching. The fact that it's slow enough to keep up with makes it an ideal sport to watch while knitting. So neat to see your adventures!