Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crochet Me a Parade

I tried my hand at crochet for the first time. This is an easy headband that is free on Ravelry and the tutorial I followed on Crochet Geek, got me going on the crochet flower. This was my first attempt at a flower and it was not too bad, not too good either....But fun to try. I made the headband to match the little dress I made previously for a shower gift. 
 Modeled by the bear:
 Shown with the dress.
 Next I tried doing another one with some leftover cotton yarn and really watching the tutorial, pausing it when I got stuck trying to learn how to do a: half double crochet, or a double crochet or a triple crochet. That means I had to pause it ALOT!
 Somewhat better that time. Still alot to learn.  It was like making a long chain and then coming back and doing things to the chain and depending on how many things you do to the chain and how many repeats, this caused the flower to grow. 

We ran up to see our local Brier Parade tonight. Now that the kids are grown, I miss going to it with them. We still enjoy going as "oldsters" and it is a full-fledged event; complete with fire trucks, police cars, noisy race cars, antique cars, marching bands, Boy Scouts, dancing horses, Mexican band, drill team, and bagpipes,basset hounds, pirates, vigilantes...You name it! This year I happened to be near the mascot for the "SeaScare" event. SCARY, huh?

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Beatriz said...

My Mom taught me to knit and crochet. I didn't enjoyed crochet like knitting. One of my first knitting projects was a baby blanket with a scalloped crochet border. Fun, but I still only use it as a trim to complement a knitting project. Hope you're doing well. I'm busy making lace shawls now...have to update the blog so you can see. I love lace charts now.