Friday, July 1, 2011

Beach Time Knitting-Iced Cardigan

I will add that this sweater was completed in the 3rd week of July, which would normally be a hot time of year, except since I live in Seattle, it's been the coldest and wettest spring and summer I can ever remember. Perfect for knitting weather. So I am modeling it here in July. Wore it already in July. While the rest of the nation is on heat advisory, we're here wearing wool. Gotta love it! Shown after blocking, the Iced Cardigan has grown a bit in the arms and body.
Shown here, prior to blocking.

And here's the end result of "Iced" cardigan, of course not blocked yet. I can never wait to block. I made my version a cropped and chunky sweater. Mine has just one button for a closure,using a crocheted loop. I added garter stitch on the end of the sleeve cuffs and hem to prevent rolling. With my gauge and needle size, in order to make a size 38 or medium, I made the pattern's size 1X, believe it or not. I added one more increase set at waist, and stopped at a more cropped length for my height. And it fits me perfectly. Used two skeins of the Cascade Ecological wool. This is a nice neutral color and cozy warm for those chilly beach or Seattle nights! 
Time for some beach knitting. This is the hugest skein of yarn I've ever seen. 478 yards all wrapped up in a big chunk. Cascade Ecological wool. For the making of Knitty's "Iced" cardigan, a free Knitty pattern.
Having to make it on size 10 needles and  the size 1X in order for it to fit me due to the gauge. Good easy beach knitting. Great for the car trip home too...

Now for some views of the lovely Oregon coast for you to enjoy....Can you hear the sound of the waves? 


Beatriz said...

Yes, I can hear the ocean waves...hope you're having a good summer so far.

Jeannine said...

Ahh. We had one 85 degree day,then back to rain.Where is our summer?