Saturday, April 3, 2010

Turning the Corner on Helleborus

For all the great instructions, I have made more mistakes (my own doing) on this sweater than any other I have attempted! Shown here a bit upside down, with the sleeve now attached to the yoke. I failed to catch on to how that sleeve attached the first time. I read "continue on 49 yoke cable rows" and then "finish sleeve" as "leave the sleeve alone". Apparently I wasn't supposed to leave the sleeve alone, I was supposed to keep working it with the 49 cable rows (which now seems in hindsight like a big DUH!) I got around the bend and then saw I had made a mistake on the yoke my biggest fear is ripping out cabling. But Rrrripppp it went and I was able to redo that also. I am usually really good at reading patterns, but I think the cabling and sideways construction and moss stitch and wraps all combine for a bit of a medium size challenge to my brain. It's good to be challenged with every new knit project you do. You learn something new. I am determined to do this beautiful little sweater! I will cherish it all the more after the work put into it.

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Beatriz said...

That does sound challenging, but that's the beauty of knitting! Hope you had a nice Easter weekend.