Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Huge Helleborus Character Test

Oh such a shame, a crying shame! I don't know how I got so off gauge on this! I measured and measured my gauge, I made two swatches and yet...still it eludes me how I made this gargantuan of a Helleborus! I went for the size 43.5" and used the right size needles and followed the pattern to the letter.... It would almost make me laugh-except for the fact that I am just sick over it- because I was so excited to do this and get the right yarn and begin...and yet I have had more troubles with this one than any other sweater I've done. I think my husband is wondering: "Will she give up this time? What will it take for her to crack?" as he has watched me stumble my way through this supposedly easy- for- everyone- else -on -Raverly pattern! Ok, so the question is...either I totally rip it out and begin again or get really good at steeking and get creative and try to make seams where there should not be. I tried a gauge on a smaller needle last night as well. Believe me, this is not the fault of the designer. No, indeed. The pattern is clearly written. This is just a fluke of nature, just in time for Earth Day tomorrow! This is just a test of my true knitterly character. Am I going to give up and give in and throw it in the UFO or Ugh pile? No!
Do I have the get up and go to pick myself back up and keep going on this project? Even if it means ripping out hours upon hours upon hours of work? I have never had to "frog" a whole sweater before. It is a sad thought. I want to say "yes! I will begin again in a big way"...ZZZZzzz If I can just muster up the gusto to do those miles of moss stitch and cables once again. Oh, but the yarn is so pretty. It deserves to be knit up into this sweater.


That's my middle name said...

Jeannine - I think you need to make a smaller size - 43" is too big for you. Also, are you taking into account that alpaca will grow? It'll stretch a bit with wearing.....Chalk it all up to learning?... the next time it will go much more quickly! (sorry!)

Jeannine said...

I messaged the designer who also recommended the size 43.5.Due to my measurements. I have seen others have probs also with it coming out big. The sideways width is VERY off gauge! My cable width was fine, so weird. Yep, a sad learning experience indeed.

Beatriz said...

It's happened to me as well, same thing, too big. And it really does feel like a test of character. I'm glad you emailed the designer. I'd recommend going down a size as well because alpaca will definitely grow.