Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To The Left Side of Helleborus

Made it to the left arm pit/sleeve of Helleborus, then will knit around the left front. Shown here with right front side, and part of a dangling sleeve and a dark view of the "back" in the mirror. Of course the side seams aren't seamed, the sleeves aren't finished, nor are the collar and buttonbands. All still yet to come.
But there is progress...bit by bit! If I can keep from making more mistakes. It is hard to rip out cabling and then get it back on the needle which I have had to do several times. More so than any other sweater, for some reason. It's not that it's so hard, you just have to be so careful what pattern row you are on and watch your increases/decreases/wraps and moss stitch all at the same time. I feel I am crawling along on this project compared to those who have done it in record time. Trying it on myself by draping over me, it seems very huge in the yoke. But again, the collar's not on and the sleeves aren't pulled in and seams aren't in. I hope that it fits me after all this work! If so, it will be so worth it. This yarn is sooo soft! The pattern is so pretty!


michelle said...

WHere did you find the yarn for the hellebrous cardy? I cannot find it ANYWHERE!!

Jeannine said...

Michelle,I'm sorry to say that it is discontinued. So sad,since it was featured in the mag! I had to find it online at two diff. stores, same dyelot amazingly,and now they are also sold out.You might still find it online somewhere. Took me 4 days.You can sub another chunky yarn for it like a Cascade Eco.