Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dreaded Moth Hole?

Nothing worse than to find a hole in a wool sweater in your closet and wonder if there are still any larvae lurking there. The audacity that a furry creature would do such a thing. Thankfully it was not one that I personally knit. I have searched online about caring for my wool and of course besides the obvious: dry clean them, store them in a cedar chest, or with cedar chips and storing in plastic containers, or store them with smelly herbal things, I discovered one site that mentioned to store them in clean cotton pillow cases. They recommend exposing the wool to light and air as well. Interesting. Apparently the buggers don't like to chew through the cloth and don't like light. Well for now, I am moving all the sweaters I care about into another closet and going to try to get some dry cleaner long plastic bags. I have so many I can't imagine getting each one their own little personal plastic box container. I have gotten some of the cedar blocks of wood but they have no hanger attached to them. Maybe a few bigger containers, but how cumbersome. For now, I will isolate the offending sweater. It is not something easily repaired, so I may have to just be "minus" one sweater. It's enough to make this wool-lover cry!


Sheila said...

Oh no!! But you're doing the right things and I'm sure your other sweaters will be fine. I've also learned that they don't like the smell of certain essential oils, such as lavendar, so if you put some lavendar oil on cotton balls spread randomly throughout your closet it should also help deter the little rascals.

knittinwolf said...

oh nooooo. Scary! Hope everything turns out ok.

Jeannine said...

Hi yeah someone also told me dried bay leaves so my sweaters would smell earthy or like stew? Better than moth balls. ew.