Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby Alpaca Mitts and Scarf

I know... they LOOK like Fetching fingerless gloves again... don't they? Funny thing...they ARE.., well a modified version again with only one cable. On much bulkier yarn, using size 10 dpn's this time. Cast on with 30 sts. K4 P1 most of the way, except for the one cable row at the wrist. Thumb stitches picked up were 10 total. Much faster with the bulky yarn. This "Baby Alpaca Grande Hand Dye" yarn is a dream. Scarf was K1 P1 the whole way. Mindless knitting, but so cushy soft to wear. 2 skeins made the scarf and mitts with a tiny to spare. Not an inexpensive yarn, but was my Christmas treat. "Catbert", otherwise known as "Stupid", as my husband lovingly likes to call her...HAD to get in my picture.
My Mom informed me that my Dad has been borrowing her Fetchings. Even though they have cables and look like women's gloves. I must find some manly yarn and make him his own manly pair of fingerless gloves soon. Oh, that makes 16 pairs of Fetchings so far, if we are counting.


knitterbeader said...

You're really putting out those "Fetchings". These are beautiful!

Jeannine said...

knitterbeader, Thanks,I can't seem to quit making them can I?