Monday, November 7, 2011

Back For More Coffee

Ta Da! My Coffee Bean is finished and fits me! Amazingly enough. Considering all I put it through. It's a very lovely sweater indeed. This yarn is a dream to knit with. (Elsebeth Lavold,Silky Wool)
Better pics to follow, I hope!

 My Coffee Bean Vitamin D shown here blocking on a beach towel. Blocking does wonders, let me just say. 
Fall is here, the sunny days are waning, but the leaves are beautiful. A few days left for walking outside...Time for the cozy days of knitting and for coffee bean Vitamin D sweater progress. Shown here, the front side with all stitches on the needle and done with the short rows and wraps.Wraps, wraps, wraps and more wraps, short rows and wraps....this sweater has more short rows and wraps than any on the planet. Well I'm sure I am only exaggerating. It is a lovely pattern of course. One must be careful when doing this sweater of keeping good track of your increases and then making sure to pick up wraps when you pass them as well as counting when to make the wraps carefully. I sure hope I picked up neatly all the short row wraps on the reverse side. I have a bit of trouble with the purly ones. Well it is coming along and actually seems to fit, which is great seeing as how I changed yarns and needle sizes from the original pattern and guessed on the size, M1. I was able to try it on briefly and it is coming along. Made it through the second set of short rows and wraps, with only one slight detour and me having to fudge a few rows. Next are the last sets of the front radials and then it's off to the "finishing" stage, then blocking. I love, love this yarn. I hope I love, love this sweater! I do love the feel of the yarn, the color, and the radials in the back. My mom is making progress on hers also and I hope to be able to show them both when we are finished.

I have now finished, and realized I used size 4 needles for the entire lower portion, by accident, as they were the needles that I used as "holders" at one point...and this sweater is so very forgiving. It might just still look dandy even with my dandy errors worked lovingly right into it. As a matter of fact, I think that it might be a blessing in disguise that I used smaller needles due to the overall room I have in the sweater. I may have been ok to do the size small even, given the amount this yarn "gives", however overall I am very pleased with the outcome of it. And have worn it out and about already. My daughter is making me just the necklace that will go perfectly with the browns and coppery tones in it.
And mother and I in our matching sweaters! Hers is not blocked yet, but it came out more beautifully knit than my own!


That's my middle name said...

yours is coming along great! I finished my first sleeve last night and hope to finish the second either today (if I really push it) or tomorrow. Then onward to the short rows! I'm making a lizardridge blanket at the same time and trying to get five pairs of socks done for Christmas. Too many irons in the fire sometimes!

Jeannine said...

oh wow you are ambitious aren't you?

fredabee said...

Hi Jeannine! I haven't been on Ravelry much lately but I did check out some posts today and saw this beautiful sweater of yours under the "friends activity" page. I LOVE it, and it looks so good on you. Definitely adding to the queue. So your blog "about me" said you might try your hand at designing? I'll keep my eye out for that. Hope your holidays have been Merry.