Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Idaho" Falls Cowl

A friend of mine brought me alpaca from Alpaca Direct -Hayden Idaho, and it's beautiful 3 ply worsted weight, 200 yards. Using size 5 needles I did a little cowl pattern out of it: Origami Falls Cowl. My first try I thought I would run out of yarn so did it as above, however it was too narrrow, so I redid it to make it wider and hopefully will get enough pattern repeats out of it to make it nice!

The little scalloped edging is nicely designed using a series of yarnovers in a row, and then by folding a hem over at the YO row. This yarn is soft to work with! And the cowl kept me (almost) warm in the 37 degrees walking around the Bellevue Botanical Garden d'Lights this eve!

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knitterbeader said...

Cowl lookin' good, Jeannine. Look forward to the finished project. I've added it to my library!!!