Thursday, October 27, 2011

Third Time, Definitely Charming

 What a group of Seattle knitters! I'm in that top picture about so many rows towards the back and I can see me, but you can't see me! But I'm there!

Hearing Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka, the Yarn Harlot speak for the third time, was a thrill again. As always it brought many laughs and is such a fun event to be shared with a roomful of knitting ladies and gents. I managed to bring along my neighbor, who loved it. And this is the best picture we could get with my new phone battery dying. So the picture taken after this, if had turned out, that is,.... was more happy :) I let a cute baby cut in line ahead of me, ...oh and a lady with a cute sock monkey too. Of course I am wearing my Freeport Shawl Collar vest proudly. The Yarn Harlot sounded like she was on the end of a long tour and had a coffee bag explosion in her suitcase, so that is probably why she doesn't have on a sweater!

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knitterbeader said...

Lucky you, going to the Yarn Harlot's book signing and speaking. I love reading her blog. I also love the brown and cinnamon brown color of the silky wool in your previous post.