Sunday, October 23, 2011

Need Some Vitamin D? Settle for Coffee Beans

Ta Da! Mom and I in our finished matching sweaters! Doesn't hers look so great on her? I love that we did this project together!

 The back:
 The front:

Well in Seattle, you can't wait around for the sun to come out, have to just take your Vitamin D where you can get it. In the coffee beans!  This lovely little Vitamin D sweater is coming along well in the coffee bean shade of Elsebeth Lavold silky wool. The original version is a lovely golden color, however I fell in love with another Ravelry member, TwoKnitWit's version using the silky wool. If you go to her link, you can see why. I love brown, and cinnamon brown and just couldn't stop thinking of her sweater. I love knitting with this silky wool yarn, and had a great experience using it on another project prior to this one. The radial increases are interesting to work along the fronts and back. The sleeves are worked next and then the body will be knit downward, with more radial increases along the drapey front. I am making the M1, using size 6 needles on the sweater, with size 5 for the sleeve cuffs. I have tried it on and it fits over my shoulders and hopefully my guess on the sizing is correct. My Mom is also making this same sweater as a mother/daughter project. Hers is a beautiful blue, in the same yarn as I chose.


That's my middle name said...

this is coming along quickly! I bought some yarn in a nice heathery purple to knit my own. I just need to finish the sleeves on my tealeaves cardigan and then I'll cast on!
PS - see? don't you love the silky wool?

knitterbeader said...

Oooh, what a beautiful color for a Vitamin D sweater (and yes, we certainly need one around here!). I've not ever seen/felt any of this yarn - so now will have to look for some. Look forward to seeing your finished sweater.

Jeannine said...

You are so right about the silky wool, Ellen. This is my second project using it. Yours will be so pretty on you.
knitterbeader, ya gotta try the yarn!

twoknitwit said...

coming along nicely (and MUCH faster than mine did!)....looks great!

Melissa (the above mentioned 'twoknitwit' and fellow coffee bean lover!)