Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sprouting Again

Back camping again at the Chewawa River....Such beauty in the bark of the trees and in the green moss, the sound of the river....

It's a great place to start working on my Sprout #2. This time using a less expensive yarn, Lion Brand Baby's First, a blend of cotton/acrylic. Much less expensive to use, and a different feel altogether than the first Sprout. I'm working on a size 10 needle this time. This picture wanted to present itself sideways:
I am using up alot more yarn with the bigger sized needles so I ran to get more in the same dyelot.  Now on to the 3rd skein and about midway through the blanket. So I figured on a total of six skeins for this project. Since I got the first 4 skeins on sale for $2.99 ea, it was a great deal. It will cost me about 1/2 as much as the first Sprout blanket I made.This yarn is 10 ply and the ends are very hard to weave in as it is very loosely plied. It is more comfortable however, since it is cotton/acrylic, to knit with in the Seattle "heatwave" we are now finally experiencing! The second time through this pattern is going much more quickly. I don't like reading from charts, as some people prefer. I like reading the written word much better. So I translated the chart into written directions to follow the 2nd time around. Overall, it is cute, cute...and the end result with be a slightly larger blanket than my first.

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