Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile

And with the news headlines these days, we all need a little lift. Trader Joe's Chocolate Croissants..I have heard about them. Now it's my turn to try them out. They start out small, you place them on a pan overnight to proof. In the morning they are HUGE. You bake them and eat them. Yum! They are flakey and good, and did I mention HUGE (?) and probably fattening, but I didn't look at the fat grams on purpose. They are something to make you smile in between knitting projects. Not while you knit, because your hands would of course be greasy.

I met an artist who does these great beaded necklaces and you can see her stuff at NOt June's Jewelry on Facebook. You can build your own like I did here. Many color combinations will work. This is just a sampling. This line is called "Urban Tribal." Love it! 
A happy green vase filled with Gerbera daisies from a co-worker friend...that later adorned my Easter
A little stuffed monkey named Stephanie makes me happy because she still accessorizes with a scarf I made for her a few years ago. She is the treasured friend of a disabled resident where my husband volunteers. Stephanie gets washed on "spa day" and I presume her scarf then gets washed along with her. She has also acquired a necklace,hat and a diaper apparently! It warms my heart to see she is still wearing this little scarf.

 A happy beginning to another baby jacket in bright spring colors of merino wool. And the discovery of the "exact called- for yarn" for my Baby Sophisticate sweater. You hardly ever can find the "exact called-for yarn" it seems. It makes for another smile.


And three lovely wound balls of goodness ready for me to design something out of them. I think I'll have another T.J.'s croissant while I ponder what they will become...Something without sleeves, no doubt. Hope your day brings you lots to smile over!


knitterbeader said...

I'll look forward to seeing what these 3 balls of yarn become - something beautiful, I'm sure. We had sunshine quite a number of times today, in between the quite a number of heavy downpours. So ready for this to be over with and stay dry. I haven't blogged for quite a while now - need to get back into it again!

Jeannine said...

Hi Knitterbeader, hope we get more sun coming our way soon!